Simon Cup Grand Final Re
63 players gathered at the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas and went head-to-head in the Simon Cup Grand Final. After rounds of inten
NOVEMBER 25, 2019

MISSION SUCCESS. Here’s a whole bunch of Mission Winners. Congrats to all the winners! 10/30 PLACEMENTELIMINATIONTTV LiLCuZ1HEdge f
NOVEMBER 21, 2019

Simon Cup - Online Open
Players, you’ve all battled it out for six weeks and now it is time for us to crown the top player in the Online Open Ladder. Drum ro
NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Online Open Ladder Top 3
It was tooth and nail during this Week 6 in the Online Open Ladder, but we have arrived at the last qualifying 6 for the Simon Cup Gra
NOVEMBER 20, 2019

Los Angeles Regional Fin
There was some fierce competition and close matches over the weekend at the Los Angeles Regional Final at Ontario Mills, but sixteen q
NOVEMBER 12, 2019

Simon Cup - LA Ladder We
This is it, the last set of finalists for the LA Regional Final. Congratulations to: Rabiem99 trilly . EffenFishy purр Sh0pl
NOVEMBER 08, 2019

It was luck of the draw for these players. WELCOME to the Los Angeles Regional Final! YT Mental BTW Tapdawg2004 The_Legend_Kova
NOVEMBER 07, 2019

Simon Cup Week 5 Winners
Players, we’re getting closer and closer to the Grand Final in Las Vegas. Are you ready for the big stage?! Without further ado, this
NOVEMBER 20, 2019

Mission Winners for 10/2
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! We have a ton of Mission winners to announce. 10/22 ($25 each) PLACEMENT MISSION WINNERS Camelman_YTGenera
NOVEMBER 06, 2019

Simon Cup Week 4 Winners
What up Players! What an eventful week. We wrapped up the New York Ladder and crowned the winner of the New York Regional Final. Get
NOVEMBER 20, 2019

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