NOVEMBER 20, 2019
Simon Cup Week 4 Winners

What up Players!

What an eventful week. We wrapped up the New York Ladder and crowned the winner of the New York Regional Final. Get pumped, cause we’re getting closer and closer to the Grand Final in Las Vegas!

Here are this week’s Online Open Ladder finalists:

  • Clipey
  • IHaveToQual
  • SecretlyGodYT
  • jaloopaboop2
  • Thomas C.
And the next set of qualifiers for the Los Angeles Regional Final:
  • Clоwned
  • YerMomOnToast
  • TTV LiLCuZ1H
  • Unfazed
  • Оb.
  • TTV.Vinnystreamz
  • terryson.ttv
  • step mom yoppa
  • Xccept
  • sаnity.
  • volcomnator999
  • CS-Reaper
  • Supreme.Jerry
  • nuke is reformed
  • CS-Slinky
  • dn00
  • RipSwear
  • nicksam5
  • Taki is cute
  • Saudii
Congrats to all of the qualifiers! Also, if you haven’t already seen them already, there’s a new set of rewards for this week’s Missions! Tons of cash prizes and a spot on truck at the Los Angeles Ladder. Have you checked out the new Friend Code system yet? Did you know you can win an iPhone 11 Pro if you refer friends? Just share your code and add a friend to get entries to win! Super simple and easy. Get started!